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19 April 2009 @ 06:29 pm
Boy Bride Chapter Seven  
A/N: I really suck with those updates, don't I? *Sighs* But I'm a master procrastinator, you know? I mean, today's the last day of my spring break, and only now am I finishing up my homework. What do I think about gay marriage in Iowa. *Looks pointedly at the title Boy Bride* Gee, that's a difficult question. xD

Title: Boy Bride
Fandom: Original
Genre: Romance, angst, drama, fantasy, mythology
Pairing: OMCxOMC
Rating: M
Author: Angel_Gospel
Disclaimer: Mine. Roar!
Warnings: Language, sexual content, violence, slash, relationship with a minor, mentions of mpreg
Summary: When Jibriel's tribe is slaughtered and he, himself, is taken away, he thinks life can't get any worse. But after being bought by a witty wizard and being given as a gift to a handsome prince, he begins to wonder; if things couldn't get worse, could they get better?

--Prologue--Chapter One--Chapter Two--Chapter Three--Chapter Four--Chapter Five--Chapter Six--


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