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16 April 2009 @ 09:09 pm
The Wizard's Apprentice  
AN: A new story about wizards and magic. You know, I love my Arthurian mythology, huh? But this can be read without knowledge of the actual legends, because it's my plot idea. Think of it as a story based on Arthurian mythology, rather than an actual part of it. After this chapter, it no longer fully adheres to the legends so loyally. It's more fun, I guess you could say, and the slash aspect of the plot moves forward, too.

Title: The Wizard's Apprentice
Author: angel_gospel   Rating: M Disclaimer: The plot is mine, as are my original characters, but some of the characters, names, and places belong to the Arthurian canon. Warnings: Mentions of incest, slash, historical inaccuracies, violence, mentions of infanticide, and whatever else I can think to throw in. Don't read if you think you can't stomach it. Genre: Fantasy, adventure, family, drama, angst, romance Summary: A curse to his father and a tool to his mother, Prince Mordred has always been just a servant to fate. Upon meeting a certain, seductive Roman Wizard, apprentice to Merlin, he realizes that one makes their own fate, and they create theirs together. Excerpt and Link: "He may be King now, but you and I shall rule Britain someday" ~ Morgause
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