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22 May 2010 @ 09:00 pm
The Wizard's Apprentice 5  
A/N: I'm really happy with how this is coming along, but please leave me feedback, as I'd love to hear what you think. I actually do revise based on it and I think it can make me better. I'm also in a creative mood and have the constant urge to write.

The Wizard's Apprentice
Author: angel_gospel  (theladypendragon)
Rating: M
Disclaimer: The plot is mine, as are my original characters, but some of the characters, names, and places belong to the Arthurian canon.
Warnings: Slash, mentions of incest, mentions of infanticide, violence, etc.
Genre: Fantasy, adventure, family, drama, angst, romance.
Summary: To his mother, he is but a tool. To his father, a curse. Mordred lives his life fearing a prophecy, foretelling the end of his father's empire. A chance meeting with Merlin's flighty yet powerful apprentice leaves him with more than just a faint attraction, but hope. Is it possible to overcome one's preordained fate? It is if one's a Wizard's lover.
Excerpt and Link: "I silently bade hello to my new home." ~Mordred